Small Things to Remember for Your Wedding
Monday, November 06, 2017
By Jill Mercer
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At Cedar Grove Tchoupitoulas, we take pride in the all-inclusive packages we provide to our couples. However, there are some special items that are specific to each family’s tradition. We’ve come up with a list of things to remember for your wedding.

Family Heirlooms and In Memoriam Items
To remember our loved ones, it is important to incorporate family heirlooms, such as jewelry, embroidered handkerchiefs and rosaries, into the décor and flowers at your wedding. Some brides have wrapped the stems of their bouquets with fabric from their mother’s wedding dress. Others have used candlesticks and lamps from their family home to add a touch personal tradition to our venue. In Memoriam items such as photos, candles inscribed with loved ones names and flowers will be set in the place of your choosing; an entrance table, on the mantle of the fireplace or around the alter are all reverent places our couples have used in the past.

Second Line Umbrellas and Party Starters
Rich in New Orleans tradition, the Second Line parade is a wonderful event to use for your wedding! Whether you design your own or find a vendor, make sure your umbrella stands out from the rest! Forgot to get one? We have you and your groom covered! Party starters like glow sticks and sunglasses are always a hit during the last half of the wedding. Whether you use them as a favor or just an added touch, your guests will love them!

Cake Pulls
This fun, mini ceremony celebrates your closest friends! The ladies you pick for your cake pulls do not need to be bridal party members so have fun picking friends from the past and present! Cake pulls can be purchased online or at local bridal boutiques in the New Orleans area. The charm on each cake pull represents a special fortune, like marriage, travel, luck, money and family. Those are classic examples, but today, brides are getting more creative with their charms! From alligators to Eifel towers, brides are designing unique fortunes for their friends! REMEMBER: If you would like to use cake pulls, make sure to give them to your wedding cake bakery.

Special Ceremony Items
If you have a special event in mind for your ceremony, make sure to include it in your drop-off items. Sand ceremonies, unity candles and flower presentations are all nice and meaningful events to incorporate into your ceremony.

Favors and Extras
At Cedar Grove, we are all about giving “extras” to our clients. And our clients sometimes like to do the same for their guests! Favors are also drop-off items that you will want to bring a couple of days before your wedding. Please include special directions if there is a place or certain way of distributing them. In addition to your favors, fun “extras” may include candy, beer cozies or flip-flops for the dance floor.

Little details create such wonderful memories. On your drop-off day, make sure to provide us with placement & distribution directions. Happy planning!

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