What to Expect at Your Final Meeting
Monday, November 06, 2017
By Jill Mercer
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Wedding Planning can be exciting, fun, and overwhelming all at the same time! We love to meet with our brides and grooms about one month before the wedding to go through details and questions about their big day. So often there are details that they have not even thought about. Our venue goes through all wedding information at the final meeting, however, I recommend that all brides, whether you are planning it yourself or have a planner, have the following information prepared two to three weeks before the wedding:
1. List all of your vendors with phone numbers on one sheet of paper. This comes in handy the week of the wedding if you need to contact them.  Most lists include: Photographer, Videographer, D.J./Musicians, Officiate, Bakery, Transportation Company

2. Jot down the times that you need to be at certain places on the day of the wedding. For example: Hotel Check In 10 am, Photographer arriving at hotel 3 p.m., Arrive at venue 6 p.m., Reception ending at 10:30 p.m. etc. I don’t recommend that brides construct strict schedules with minute by minute details for the day of the wedding. You will be miserable and so will everyone else. If you hire experienced vendors, they will handle all the timing details for you.

3. List all of the participants in the Ceremony:

Grandparents on both the bride and groom side
Bridal Party (Who is walking with who)
Flower Girl Ring bearer
Bride with Escort

4. List any allergies that the bride and groom may have. The caterer will need to know this ahead of time. However, rather than asking that the entire menu be changed, have them create a customized plate. Also, because of so many allergies being discovered in the last ten years, it is almost impossible for the bride and groom to customize the food to accommodate every allergy. Guests are normally understanding and will customize the food that they eat accordingly or bring in their own food if the allergy is life threatening.
5. Decide the month before the wedding that you are going to have a wonderful day! If the weather is bad, have a great day. If a bridesmaid drops out, have a great day. If your flowers are not perfect, have a great day! This day is about the bride and groom committing their lives to each other, nothing else matters.

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